Knowledge Systems Center

Humans can transform reality with their own hands and the action of physical tools. The Twentieth Century, strongly dominated by the paradigm of the Industrial Society, witnessed the influence of human capacity upon the physical world, generating impacts that we are only beginning to dimension and in some cases trying to reverse.

Alternatively, the ability to understand and change reality based on knowledge and emotion, not only from material things but from ideas and imagination which has proven to be more powerful. The Twentieth Century holds the promise of a Knowledge Society in which non-monetary or physical common values are the basis of social organization. Today, more than half the wealth generated in the world comes from representations, i.e. knowledge.

In these circumstances, the Center for Knowledge Systems assumes its vocation to work in research, teaching, consultancy and dissemination of models and tools to help understand, measure and manage these new realities.


Mission Enhance the capacity to create value for individuals, organizations and societies through research, design, implementation and learning of Knowledge Systems.

Vision The emergence of a global consciousness to which we will deliberately and systematically contributed by our practice in Knowledge Management Systems.


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